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Was intrigued to see how much I could edit her into something you might see on a magazine.

"Look ma, no body fat"

Birthday (Cash Cash Remix/Modapop Edit)

by Katy Perry from "Birthday - Remixes"

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  • This is ‘Birthday’ by Katy Perry, which you may be familiar with. IF NOT, then listen [duh]. IF YOU ARE, still listen to get a sweet surprise.
  • The original can be found on her latest album PRISM, which you may have illegally downloaded.
  • What you’re playing is different to the album version. Difference in the form of an edit (by moi) to the amazing Cash Cash Remix (not by moi) that was released earlier today. Kudos to them - seriously.
  • What I did specifically? I took one intro and one outro from your extended remix and combined them into the radio edit remix. Exported at 192kb for about 20 seconds and it was ready to upload. Piece of cake! *pity laugh*

Enough talking, more listening (and birthday suits).

I hope ya’ll like!


Ombré dip-dye hair adds a pop of colour to layered normcore basics at Shanghai Fashion Week.


You know, this is the first time I’ve seen someone with my body shape (thick thighs, prominent hips, slightly bigger arms) portrayed in such a positive and dare I say sexy way in the media. Thank you. whoever posted this. You have made my day & boosted my confidence.

Side Note: All bodies are beautiful. I’m not implying anything different.